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The Forest Row Community App was conceived after Somesh identified a need to create a one-stop-shop resource for event and news in the Forest Row area. Having started to produce apps for local businesses under the banner Sunshine Mobile App Solutions, it was an easy step to create one for the Forest Row Community.

It's since turned into a major projects including months of website development and hundreds of hours of content creation.

We are looking forward to the app being available to the local community and hopefully becoming a fantastic resource for the disemination of information and local news.

The Forest Row Village App will be available to download on the 17th March 2023 for iPhone and Android. Including Directories of Forest Row Entertainment, Therapists, Shops, Events and More!


To Register Now and Submit Events Visit:


"Connect with your local community like never before with our new mobile app! Discover events, meet new neighbours and stay up-to-date on community news. Get involved, make a difference and build lasting connections. Download soon and join the community!"


1. Connect with residents and stay informed about local events and news.

2. Easy access to community resources and information.

3. Opportunities to get involved and make a difference in your community.

4. Create a sense of community and build lasting connections with neighbours.

5. Access to local businesses and community services.

6. Streamlined communication with local government and officials.

7. Convenient way to report and track community concerns.

8. Increased community engagement and participation.


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