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Forest Row Forward

We are a group of people who live and work in Forest Row

We are a group of people who live and work in Forest Row. 

We each responded to an open invitation for anyone interested to come together to work for the good of our community. We are a really mixed group of villagers – younger, older, women and men, with diverse backgrounds and lives – with a common aim. To serve you by joining your local council and making things happen which better reflect your ideas, priorities, needs and concerns than currently. To take responsibility for the Forest Row area, now and for the future.

We have lots of energy and skills to bring to this, and a strong desire to listen to you. We are excited about what is possible if we get your vote and support.

You will see us in and around Forest Row over the next few weeks sharing our mission. We intend to get to know you and hope that you can get to know us. We are not an exclusive group. Our doors are open to the whole community. We will be there to answer your questions and to hear your concerns.

We ask you to vote for us on May 4th in the Forest Row Community Centre on the Hartfield Road RH18 5DZ.

We will work together with you.

We are not aligned to a political group. We hold different views but we share the same values: those of representation, community, inclusivity and accessibility, service and responsibility, action, transparency and openness, accountability and trust, sustainability and resilience, respect, humility, care and compassion, compromise and flexibility, optimism, and the importance of making it fun! We respect our differences and will respect yours too.

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