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Friends of The River Medway

Friends of the River Medway is a group that wishes to restore the health and vitality of the River Medway, focusing first on our local catchment area: the Upper Medway. The group’s activities are part of a wider movement to transform humanity’s relationship to the world’s precious rivers and the wildlife that lives within them.

We believe that all rivers should be clean, healthy, nature-rich and flowing naturally. They should be thriving ecosystems that provide a natural habitat for a diversity of life, whilst offering an accessible space for people to connect with nature. We want them to be drinkable, as they were for our ancestors and for most of the planet’s history.

Through uniting practical and legal action with the sacred, we strive to actively regenerate the Upper Medway, creating projects that serve the River, her inhabitants and our local community. Our dream is also to serve as a successful template that inspires and reaches other communities who want to improve the health of rivers.

Project Gallery

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