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Forest Row and being local, is Frocal, a project which is asking the question of what the village might be like if we all lived and acted more locally. How might we source our food, water and energy? What would that mean for our livelihoods? And the way we would shop and consume? And also how would we support each other in the community to improve our wellbeing?

This is not a new idea, and one that many have thought about and practised for years, although we believe an idea that is increasingly relevant for our times. A time where we are discovering our planetary limits, increasingly aware of the inequities in society, and our mutual vulnerability. At these early stages we have more questions than answers and see this as a learning journey where we seek to collaborate, look for synergies, and work with what already exists. We seek to be open, share freely, not hold any power and look to catalyse the creativity within everyone.

Project Gallery

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