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Ioonah Woods

Acupuncture, massage, facial acupuncture, auto-immune, fertility, changes of life support, grief, menopause, puberty, aches and pains, muscular skeletal.

Delia Rosenboom - Transformational Mind-body Coach

Alexander Technique, Coaching, HeartSong Singing Group, Bioresonance

Bioresonance Therapies

State of the art mini portable bioresonance devices and scans to optimise health, energy levels, reduce stress & boost immunity.

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

"My name is Freya and I provide VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing sessions - a powerful form of energy healing that can create deep shifts within your experience of yourself and your life.

I offer a variety of session types, including: a short taster session, an energetic tune-up, an issue work session, a relationship alignment session or an energetic space clearing.

To book a session or to ask any questions, please go to my booking site:

For more general information about VortexHealing® please visit the official site:"

Shivani Maria Yoga

Yoga Tuition, Sound Healing, Wellness Coaching 4 women

Amanda Edwards

Acupuncture II Spiritual Counselling II Supervision

Yoga With Di

Yoga for all. Exploring ways to breathe, stretch & strengthen transforming body and mind. 500 hour level 4 British Wheel of Yoga Qualified Teacher

Nicci Parry

Functional nutrition, craniosacral therapy

Koru Reflexology

Koru Reflexology

Emmett Technique

Emmett Technique

Jia Cheng

Traditional Chinese medicine consultation and treatment including painless acupuncture, energetic osteopathy and chinese herbs.

Harmony Spirit Readings

Genuine natural gifted psychic, offering live video call readings, spiritual life coaching and development and workshops and retreats.

Jose Planken

Frequency healing, art.

Alice Morita

Ever since I can remember that I've enjoyed massaging people that I care about such as my siblings, parents, other relatives and friends, but didn't consider taking this interest further up until a few years ago. Still interest in human connection and care however, I got an BSc degree in psychology with psychotherapy and, interested in continuing learning more about healing in other fields, studied Reiki level 1, Holistic Massage, currently studying Ayurveda and intending to continue to expand my studies further each day." Alice has qualified in Holistic Massage Therapy from Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork (BCMB), through the Massage Training Institute (MTI), acquiring a level 4 certificate in Holistic Massage with Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. Her massage practice can include the usage of a range of different techniques such as deep tissue, myofascial release, energetic work, lymphatic drainage and relaxing massage, being each treatment tailored according to the need of each client on that day, which can be focused on specifics areas to a full body, each massage to be combined with the client through an initial consultation. After breathing, drinking and eating, touch is one of our most primordial needs from infancy, but often we get disconnected to our bodies when we grow older.

Tom Askew

SCENAR Therapy

Timeless Cookery

Online cookery school for GAPS: gut healing

Hopetree Clinic

Hopetree Clinic

Ella Easton Homeopathy

Ella Easton Homeopathy

Dr Lucie Turner

Dr Lucie Turner

The Therapy Shed

Rebecca Wheatley

Acupuncture for Adults and Children; Aromatherapy; Facial Rejuvenation Treatments; Reiki; Natural Health and Wellness Coaching and Classes to empower others to manage their own health from home

Kizzy Petit

Birth and Postnatal support

Dora Clouttick

Sauna and Yoga Nidra classes for health and happiness


Clinical psychology/ trauma (EMDR) therapy

Meetings in Hartfield

Meetings in Hartfield



Nick Atkins

A free and highly active local walking group.

Hair Analysis

Hair mineral analysis testing to discover root causes of symptoms

Chiara Pavan

🌸only last few spots available for this super nourishing and relaxing experience at the Health Hut at the Wilderness Wood on Mothering Sunday 19th with me! 🤩🌸 exchange of £50 for session of massage and reiki surrounded by trees and sky! 🌸 DM me for info and bookings 🙏💫💜

Alon Gross


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