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Ioonah Woods

Ioonah Woods

Acupuncture, massage, facial acupuncture, auto-immune, fertility, changes of life support, grief, menopause, puberty, aches and pains, muscular skeletal.

Ioonah Woods


How can I help you?

What is in need of time and attention with a caring practitioner of Oriental medicine?

Chinese medicine has its roots in the philosophies of Daoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. The Wise observed how we interact with the climates and seasons, watching patterns of health and ways to recover from illness and epidemics. They learned and taught how to prevent illness and how to heal it with foods, exercise, acupuncture and herbs.

I am a qualified acupuncturist, with a nature-based lifestyle as a bee keeper, mother, carer and teacher. A mature listener with a rich life experience. Having studied at BSc Hons level Classical Chinese acupuncture integrated with Western medicine to a high level within the course. People find I am a good listener and communicator with a rich life experience and deep understanding of the complexities of modern life. I use the wisdom of the past to help bring balance to the modern experience in all its colours.

In my practice I have found that acupuncture and massage work together well to relax and move Blood and Qi, enabling the body to heal better.

1 hour acupuncture treatment £55
1 hour acupuncture and massage £65
1.5 hour massage and acupuncture £80
1 hour Home visits £60

Gaia Natural Health Ltd
Sharpthorne home clinic.
Home visits on request.


Sandra S
“I so look forward to my fortnightly acupuncture and massage sessions with Ioonah, as I leave with such a wonderful sense of well-being. When I first met Ioonah I told her to work on very specific areas as I felt this was where I needed the treatment most but as she got to know me (and my body!) she has encouraged me to have a more extensive treatment and I am definitely feeling the benefits of this. Her massage makes me feel physically and mentally great, she has even managed to extinguish my feelings of ‘guilt’ over my regular self-indulgence and made me realise just how important it is to look after yourself!”

Debbie L
“A very highly recommended practitioner. Ioonah gave me weekly acupuncture for 3 months, and the repeated bladder infections I was having previously, which were repeatedly treated with antibiotics, have no longer occured.”

Celia L
“I have seen a number of acupuncturists over the years and without a doubt, Ioonah provided the most comprehensive and caring service. I actually traveled over 3 hours to see her!! Ioonahs manner is gentle and reassuring yet firm, she kept me at my ease throughout the session (I am scared of needles) and offered additional insights to support me. I won’t see anyone else now, she is 100%”

Carrie F
“I’ve greatly benefited from regular sessions with Ioonah over the past six months. Her treatments have helped me through a time of difficult losses and health challenges. Ioonah has healing hands, and a genuine, open and intelligent presence. Our conversations are as nurturing and therapeutic as the treatment. She is a great listener, and brings her intuition, widsom and experience to the treatment room with such generosity. I’ve found relief from (and a deepened capacity to be with) painful emotions as well as chronic physical pain through body work and would highly recommend Ioonah to anyone looking to support their wellbeing in a holistic way.”

Manning G
“The periodic massage and acupuncture are so welcome to keep me fit and buzzing, and to discover how different parts of the body are related in tandem ways that when addressed by Ioonah can bring one to a wholeness out of all the various knots, cramps and fissures which she discovers.”

Gertraud G
“Every good instrument needs tuning- my tuner is Ioonah. Every time I can sense how her skillful and wise hands, heart and mind help me to find my particular individual pitch, strengthening and aligning me towards my potential. I am grateful and feel privileged to be her client.”

Ioonah Woods
Ioonah Woods
Ioonah Woods
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