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Pomegranate seeds: To accept or not to accept? with Stella Kassimati and Maria Zourari

Storytelling at Emerson

19 Apr 2024

Over two weekends we will take an imaginative dive into the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone for new knowledge and practice to nurture ‘decision making. Some say Persephone was forced by Hades to eat the pomegranate seeds others say ‘No, it was her own choice’. By eating the seeds she became Queen of the Underworld, forever destined to live there. Was she forced or was it her own choice?

Dilemmas… Do they truly exist or is the difficulty to voice and express (even to ourselves) our inner desire that creates them? Could there be a moment in life when we truly don’t know what we want? And when not choosing is actually choosing, freeing us from the responsibility of choice, “I didn’t have a choice?”

This Greek myth, poses so many dilemmas: Zeus, Hades, Demeter all great Gods and archetypes weighing their decisions, this or that, and in this way creating a blue print for us today in what is involved in decision making, in priorities and in setting of boundaries.

How often do we find ourselves in murky water when making a decision and in a way asserting a boundary? And what happens when we say “I have no choice”? If you sometimes struggle to make decisions and know your limits and also your inner desires and boundaries, there are rich treasures to be uncovered here, and transformed into new earthy practice in your own life.

Stella and Maria are storytellers who will, with great care, guide you through an exploration of the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone approaching it through the lens of decisions; their formation, their neglect, their negotiation, their assertion and their consequences. The myth will meet you where you are, whether the decisions you need to take concern personal relationships, community relationships, a global justice issue or relationship with the natural world. You will learn through experiential and embodied practice how to access deep and potent wisdom. And if Demeter wills, the harvest will be great.

Storytelling experience is beneficial, but not essential.

2nd weekend: 10 - 12 May 2024

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