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Wild Winter Warmer- Imbolc Full Moon - Brigid's feast of light!

Deja Hu

23 Feb 2024

Into the Wild presents.....

A beautiful winter festival with enchanting music, inspiring workshops and much more to open the heart and soul in the middle of the winter months

A time to get together and with warmth and friendship, a time for joy, friendship and new ventures, for rebirth and vast potential, come and join us for a soul fulfilling weekend. Held at the beautiful Emerson near Forest Row in East Sussex.

At the time of the Imbolc Full Moon, the Celtic festival celebrating the goddess Brigid and the first shimmers of light, the return of the promise of Spring after the long winter months.

Delicious food

Ecstatic and enchanting music from around the world.


All to be announced shortly.

This is an adult only event (anyone over 18 can come). This is because Emerson College is an adult college also so aren't insured for kids).

This event is limited to 120 people and will sell out.

Tickets will go on sale on the 13th November.

There is accomodation available in private rooms at Emerson Alternatively there is space for camper vans, camping and a cosy community yurt with heating.

Food for the whole weekend, and rest of details coming next week..

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