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Forest Row App Update

Somesh De Swardt

10 Apr 2023

474 Total App Installations

Forest Row Community App Stats

177 App Installs in 3 Days

228 App Installs In 4 days

300 App Installs in 7 Days

328 App Installs in 11 Days Stats

February - 3120 Page Views

March     - 9900 Page Views

328 App Installs in 11 Days. 300 people on the local news mailing list. 1170 visits to the website. Thank you for your support

That's 177 people that have access to up-to-date Local News, Community Updates, Local Businesses, and Local Events.

This is more than an app for me, it's an opportunity for us all to get off or at least another option to the mainstream tech advertising platforms and onto a true community-supported and community-led independent platform.

It's a big step in our journey to retaining our freedom.

The more local resources and platforms that we support, whether it's local markets, independent stores, or local businesses the more sustainable and empowered we will all be. Local businesses have a greater chance of being ethically intentioned with a higher degree of a moral compass than large corporations whose main intention is profit and have little ability to reflect on the negative results of their endeavors on the lives of individuals and people.

When people in power are removed from the consequences of their actions, the world becomes a little more challenging. Big tech has come to stand for control, not freedom. Technology can be used to control or bring freedom.

Being able to create community connections, through investing in local networks. Local resources that are independently operated, and locally financed can only be a positive for local communities, that's you and me. Having platforms and the ability to communicate on a local level, allows us to take part back our power, as we then control the ability to disseminate knowledge and information and co-ordinate in ways that take community values into account.

Thank you

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