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Local Elections on 4th May

Somesh De Swardt

7 Apr 2023

Council Elections 4th May - Forest Row Forward | Podcast Episode 1

The upcoming elections: In the past i've not really been that concerned about taking part in the political process. However as the world is getting more and more challenging.

The challenges mostly propelled by the mess caused by the current political establishment.. I'm considering becoming a little more involved. I might even go and vote.

I'm still pessimistic around the whole process, with an innate belief that the corruption of the elites runs so deep that they control the whole process and give us a thin veneer of belief that what we do actually makes a difference.

However there are a few more alternatives this time around and a few people I actually know and respect. In the hope that our vote really does make a difference I am planning to take part. After some research I realise that I have no idea as to what, how and why this process is taking place. I'm possibly thinking that there may be other who are also experiencing a lack of political education.

So I propose to do a few instructional video's interviewing upcoming candidates and asking you what the rules of the game are, i.e. how to get your head around what the process is, and why it matters. If anyone is up for being interviewed, the video will be saved on the Forest Row Community App (300 downloads) and website and go out to now over 300 mailing list subscribers.

The start of a regular podcast series on the life and times of Forest Row.

Please email me on

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