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Delia Rosenboom

Hi! I’m Delia and I am passionate about working with individuals who wish to change…who are ready for change…who want to embrace growth, healing and creating a life they love living!

Congratulations on finding my website!You have just taken an important and empowering first step towards positive, powerful, long lasting change.

I am delighted to offer you a variety of powerfully transformative tools so you can  release whatever is limiting you in your life – be it stress, tension, pain, trauma, negativity… and instead create positivity, healing, health, joy, relaxation and improved performance  and live a life that you love – Now!

I have spent the last 35 years working with mind-body-emotional-energetic integration, healing and re-education. And I love tailor-making sessions to enable you to succeed at making the changes you most seek. I uniquely combine my skills in Alexander Technique, NLP and Coaching, The Journey, voice and breath work and embodied anatomy to create individual, transformational 1-to-1 sessions, workshops, 7-week programs and professional trainings.So whether you are looking to find greater comfort in your body, a more positive mindset, heal from a trauma or bereavement, enhance your health, improve your performance, or just want to enjoy life more, why not take a look at what I offer…or book a free ‘Discovery Call’ for a chat – Now!I look forward to accompanying you on your transformational journey!

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