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Shivani Maria Yoga Sounds

​Yoga practice, in all its diverse aspects, offers a time tested way to truly find your Deepest Self.

In the spaces that arise between asanas (postures), Your intuitive guidance, your sense of inner knowing starts to blossom;

The key attributes of regular Yoga practice are as follows:

Flexibility in body & mind

Insight & Intuition






Shivani Maria Yoga Sounds

Sound healing & sound therapy isn't anything new. Sound has been used within the world's wisdom traditions for thousands of years. Sound has the ability to balance & bring healing to ourselves on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level.

In Yogic practices specific sounds are used to awaken our consciousness, they do this through vibrating the cells of the mind & body in different ways. This in turn has the potential to bring harmony & balance to the cells. In effect, encouraging them to sing the same tune.

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