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Tiny Budget Cooking


Tiny Budget Cooking

I'd love to show you how to make mouth-watering meals each week without spending a fortune on groceries, or hours slaving over the hob. With my simple approach to cooking and as little as £21 per week you can eat a variety of delicious meals in just 15-30 minutes.

I don't yet know your specific situation, but you can take our free food assessment to get an idea of where you are, and how we can best help. The one thing I'm fairly certain of is that you want to enjoy good and simple, tasty food - and importantly - on a small budget.

The good news is that tiny budget does not have to mean lack of quality or lack of flavour. I'll show you how to plan, shop and cook each week's delicious meals with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment - whether you're just starting out or a seasoned cook.


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